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Cell Phone Repairs

Screen repair/battery/charging port/ camera/buttons/frame or back glass

Tablet Repairs
Screen repair/lcd repair/battery/charging port...
PC/Laptops/Game Console
Lcd screen/charging port/battery/hdmi port/dvd drive/hardware upgrade...
Phone/Tablet Screen replacement

Sometimes a good drop will cause damage to both the glass and LCD. If your screen is not responding to your touch or has lines across the display a full LCD assembly replacement is needed to get it going 100%.

Battery Replacement

If your device is not holding a charging or shutting off at high %, you might need a new battery. Our Battery replacement will take care of this issue and get you on your way less then 30.

Front/Rear facing Camera

Sometime without the phone having physical damage the camera can go blank or shaky. If this happens after a drop a new camera will take care of this issue.

Liquid Damage

Whoops accident happen..........

For liquid damage devices there is no telling if or how long device will work if it does comeback. 

We know how frustrating it can be to lose photos so for liquid damage device we do offer data recovery please call.

Charging Port Repair

Using the wrong charger or beign too forceful with a charger can damage your device port. if your device is not connecting or holding a charge, a charge port repiar should take care of the issue.

Data Recovery

Our Data Recovery services specialize in retrieving lost data from devices that have experienced physical damage, water damage, or a mother board short.

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